Why Tarot?

Tarot is according to some, as old as the ancient Egyptians. According to others, the modern Tarot came about in the 1400s.

They  were further refined in the middle 19th century designating the Major and Minor Arcana.

The modern user will generally only readily recognize The Joker card in the Major Arcana, and for ease of use many readers will hold off on using the Minor Arcana.  You will very easily recognize them as the forerunners of our modern playing cards.

As humans we love to see patterns.  On the Macro scale the planets orbit the Sun, The Solar System orbits within the Galaxy.

On the Micro scale, the tiniest snowflake induces wonder in all but the hardest of hearts.

On the Atomic scale there is an order and regulation that can only be described as intelligent design.

The Tarot began as a game, the cards themselves decorative representations of real people, some to commemorate, some to memorialize.

Over time, patterns became recognized in the way that certain cards became precognitive.


In  reality there are many different views and opinions  on the hows and whys of TAROT.

I personally compare it to dowsing.  I learned about dowsing as a kid. It seemed like a neat trick, but never tried it.

In grade 10 chemistry my teacher while doing a  work module on the scientific method of discovery introduced the class to dowsing.

As he explained, it works, and is repeatable and is accurate if you can do it.

Problem is, not everyone can do it, and nobody knows why it works.

It is relevant, but un-explainable.


Can everyone do it?  

Well…  anyone can do it, much like anyone can lay out a game of solitaire, or can walk around with a couple pieces of bent copper wire.

Unfortunately results vary.  Myself, dowsing came naturally and fun. It’s much like wiggling  your ears or crossing your eyes at will, if you cannot do it, you might be able to with alot of practice, however it just comes natural to some.

Tarot became the natural progression for me , yet I  still look up the meaning of cards especially in the Minor Arcana

the natural order of the cards to tell us a story that is better than I alone could do.

Is one background better or worse, I cannot really say.

I am of mixed European descent. Mostly Irish, and Welsh.

My great great Grandfather was an Irishman  that stood over 7 feet tall, make of that what you will.

My Mother whose family came to Canada in 1914 from Wales, she is a 7th daughter. Make of that what you will.

Do I have a spiritual connection?


When I was 17 I had a very bad sickness, it was Hanta virus.

I died, I  woke at 3am  not breathing. I realized this and was not scared, I simply said in my mind this can’t be good.

I lay there, in no distress.  I couldn’t move.

Next, I was in total absolute darkness.

I felt around me, I was floating in warm oil, I felt perfectly loved and at peace.

A man appeared at my feet and to the right. He was old, he said I could stay or go back.

I didn’t want to go, but I was still so young and wanted to live life a little. It wasn’t right or wrong it was just my choice.

So I woke up not breathing still, and with no ache in my lungs I coughed once, breathed normal and went to  sleep.

This began my journey which started from  childhood of curiosity to an adulthood of acknowledgement that not everything is clear cut.


The greatest trick of the Devil wasn’t convincing the world that he’s not real.

The greatest trick of the devil was convincing the world the super natural isn’t real.

The second greatest trick was convincing the rest of  mankind that does believe in the supernatural that only darkness has  access to the supernatural.


I would hesitate to say yes, not everyone is mature enough to take advice.

Not everyone is open minded enough to use mystical energy supplied by the Universe to take guidance.

I am not a channeler of spirits, nor do I use demons or familiar spirits, I don’t even wave a crystal wand.

I do pray daily, even over my cards.

Why me?

I learned Tarot over 20 years ago, 1st giving readings to anyone and everyone who would sit still long enough to get a reading.  This amused friends and family.  I never did much for any others until just a little over a decade past when I learned the Celtic Cross formally from a Welsh master.

Since I used the Celtic Tarot this seemed to be a great use of my time and energies. You could say that he initiated me into the art of Tarot.


Garbage In Garbage Out

If you choose to not give me accurate information I can only do so much with guess work.  I try very hard to keep my own thoughts out of YOUR reading.  

I do not read on death. Not yours, or anyone else’s.

Canada Suicide Prevention Service

Hours: 24/7/365. Languages: English, French


If you are suffering from domestic abuse, https://ncadv.org/get-help

And in Canada,  https://www.domesticshelters.org/en-ca/domestic-abuse-help-in-canada

A Tarot reading is not a substitute for serious mental health help. If you need help do not be ashamed, it happens

Entertainment purposes only.


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