Time Is a Force

So I was listening to a mentor of mine, he was discussing the impossibility of time travel. While he ascribes to the single state, one universal now model of reality he used it as the reason for why time travel is impossible.

His logic being since we exist in the one constant state of now, therefore there cannot be a real past or real future to travel to as it either no longer exists or it has not happened yet. From a simplified logic point that is correct. However what is failing to take into account is that once you are there it is your now.

What you may ask of the rest of reality?

It is there to meet you, you have merely skipped along a bit to simplify. The self correcting timeline reincorporates you as it is want to do. it would pull you back to where you are supposed to be however it uses less energy to incorporate you into the advanced timeline then to self correct you to your point of origin.

You can show this using modern methods. For eg. when excess energy is applied via say speed an object can be measured to advance slower in physical real time than an exact control counterpart here on earth. Now applying a compounding effect with gravity or magnetism, you should be able to wave curve skip to the next wave rather than return to your actual physical time.

Reversing polarity and the negative energy for the input should naturally allow for reverse time travel.

I think that there would be observable or at least predictable patterns in the skip. It should follow a Fibonacci sequence.

If you travel in time you are not making an impossible moment in now, you are only making tomorrows’s now, NOW for you.

One other thing, I actually happened upon an online discussion of Impossible Space. To be sure, it was interesting to read, however in my graphic I chose yellow because it was pleasing and offered an excellent contrast. Not because there is any colour in impossible space. Ironically when I corrected those in the forum, they called me an idiot and liar. Whatever.

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