Time Is a Force

So I was  listening to a mentor of mine,  he was discussing the impossibility of time travel.  While he ascribes to the single state, one universal now model of reality he used it as the reason for why time travel is impossible.

His logic being since  we exist in the one constant state of now, therefore there cannot be a real past or real future to travel to as it either no longer exists or it has not happened yet.  From a simplified logic point that is correct. However what is failing to take into account is that once you are there it is your now.  

What you may ask of the rest of reality?

It is there to meet you, you have merely skipped along a bit to simplify. The self correcting timeline reincorporates you as it is want to do. it would pull you back to where you are supposed to be however it uses less energy to incorporate you into the advanced timeline then to self correct you to your point of origin.  

You can show this using modern methods.  For eg. when  excess energy is applied via say speed an object can be measured to advance  slower in physical real time than an exact control counterpart here on earth.  Now applying a compounding effect with gravity or magnetism, you should be able to wave curve skip to the next  wave rather than return to your actual physical time.

Reversing polarity and the negative energy for the input should naturally allow for reverse time travel.  

I think that there would be observable or at least predictable patterns in the skip.  It should follow a Fibonacci sequence.

If you travel in time you are not making an impossible moment in now, you are only making tommorrows’s now, NOW for you.

One other thing, I actually happened upon an online discussion of Impossible Space.  To be sure, it was interesting to read, however in my graphic I chose yellow because it was pleasing and offered an excellent contrast. Not because there is any colour in impossible space. Ironically when I corrected those in the forum, they called me an idiot and  liar.  Whatever.

In addition I watched a movie recently for the 1st time.  This Marvel movie talks about an energy source called the Tesseract. Seriously?  That’s what the commentors where talking about? You based your logic and theories on mass marketed fiction?  This is the same basis for multiverse theory.  We all watched the same sci-fi years ago, but it has entranced several generations.   Thought imprinting has maybe done more harm to modern science than the Spanish Inquisition.

So after this was published, I saw and read online a cute little article that made use of this stuff.  The final conclusion of the the author was severely in error.

Gravity and Magnetism utilized

Gravity and magnetism are expression waves of the same force.  Different spectrum. If you manipulate gravity energy to a higher level and expressed energy as  well,  where they intersect on an expanding  axis is where you re-balance in time.

The self correcting model requires conservation of energy  and since it is easier to travel forward in time, (or backward)from the original point in time where the excess energy was introduced, then it will do so rather than fall back to normal statutory time.

There is an imperfect model from the natural world, And we can thank the James Webb Telescope.  They have observed a star that entered into a black hole come back out several years later.  This is not to be confused with the newly emerging stars that formed in the tidal detritus of competing black holes that have been observed as well.  What I am talking about is the so-called spaghetti star.  Stellar matter that is being ejected and observed at this very moment.

In reality the stellar matter that entered the black hole should be either compressed and become heavier elements or torn apart into its constituent protons.  What has happened is neither.  This material is coming back out, albeit in fragmented form. It has disappeared then reappeared in time and space. I posit that the reason it seems to be the same is that it has found a window of imperfect natural time travel.  

Much like pulsars generating radio waves in a pattern, or cosmic rays making static, or in our physical world nature crating perfect cubes or circles, the natural world shows it’s inherent secret order and instructions.   All the requirements for time travel exist in the black hole, energy, gravity time. It’s the infinite moneys banging away the the right frequency and energy that produce the narrow band of possibility.  The star that gave itself to the black hole, was just the right size, at the right time in the black hole’s development, and entered into the right position to travel.   The accidentally perfect circumstances has illustrated dimensional skip in my humble opinion.

What I would like to do would be to study the makeup and composition of the remnants and compare the before and after.  Spectral analysis should be able to show how much change occurred.  It would be fascinating to be able to check the radionuclides, to see if the matter is older, younger, or been essentially paused in age.  How much change?  Who knows? the matter could be aged liked it was normal as of three  years ago,  it could be a million years older.

Talking about entanglement

Since we know that matter and energy is neither created nor destroyed, just changed in state, how does this relate to time?

When you naturally progress through time you and all your assorted biomass of atoms just continues on a normal if varied trajectory of time.  If you travel in time you are still subject to the laws of nature, however you have shorted the time function.  What is instantaneous for your atoms may be eons to the normalized and corrected natural ones.  This is not a problem, you are simply reabsorbed into reality at the point that you reenter.  Going forward you are simply removed and re-inserted, going backward you atomically already exist so energy requirements would naturally be higher, but still possible as long as energy inputted is higher than the natural energy to stabilize.  

This puts forward an interesting theory involving Quantum entanglement.  Now we know that some things are naturally entangled, can we use this to create entangled products?

Technically two objects that are the same but separated by time are still affected by the same outside forces.  Can we use this for production or transference of energy?

Imagine a thermopile quantum connected to a generator but one side is essentially dropped into the sun.  Quantum excited electrons not only transfer the energy but would be much safer than generators here on earth.  

We would be able to become a stage 2 civilization without killing life as we know it in our solar system.  For  that matter we could co-opt a star in a different solar system altogether.

In the age of understanding evolving from the self correcting universe model using the electrical conductor wiring system that we use today is more akin to mechanical energy from a windmill than real advances.

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