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So I  saw several graphs published online today that claimed to represent birth rates overseas.

There were multiple reports from multiple countries claiming that birth rates have fallen drastically in the 1st quarter of 2022. These birth rate drops coincide with a 9 month gestational lag from the general population rollout of their covid 19 vaccinations.

This disturbs me greatly.

So I asked the  cards for a reading.

Here is what they said to me.

Using my Golden Tarot,

1st card, King of Coins inverted, a risk taker who desires money but is unwilling to work for it.

2nd card, The Emperor inverted, a warning not to trust someone who wields power over you petty lack of control failure due to lack of focus

3rd card, 9 swords inverted, shame scandal gossip

I understand this to read that the vaccines were created by people who were only viewing the opportunity for profit.  More than likely fast tracking and failing to do due diligent oversight as the fast buck was the only criteria for approval.  Laziness and greed make a bad combination.               The powers that have control over us used barely legal practices and broad powers to trick the population to take this vaccine, both with the motive of profit and power of control over others. As for the petty, think of how the Canadian government opened travel for unvaccinated but not for the Working Truckers that they deliberately put out of business or out of the job.

This will end in shame and scandal for ALL levels involved.  Those who created the vaccine. Those who pushed the vaccine.  Those who covered up the damages it caused and will continue to cause.  These falling birth rates are a simple undeniable symptom of more than what we know,   FOR NOW.

Just my reading, my speculations.

Depopulation is an AGENDA.

Adding to what I already was concerned about  is From Jessica Rose and her substack.

Essentially she is collating the data out of Australia in regards to birth rates and mass adoption of the MRNA experimental gene therapy.

For years if you had been  of the literary bent you have been warned of the idea of men of means deciding to take it upon themselves to save humanity from itself.

After all collapsing  birthrates would prevent in the long run you having to make the choice of trading children with the neighbours so you can barbeque each others progeny with less of a burden on your souls.

In some ways men like Bill  Gates in my opinion may actually intend to be giving you and yours a kindness.  His motivations may not be subservient to a dark entity.   We the dirty masses tend to not realize that our “betters” are not that much different than us.  I understand that to some  they are considered dumb. Out of touch, even maniacal.  While this may be true for some of them, this is also true for the petty people in our lives. Our so called betters just have better resources.  

As a youth I was a member of one of the many young leaders programs.

There were many different personalities, yes some were cruel, some arrogant, some aloof.

However, most were earnest.  They really wanted to do and be better.  That being said they were honest about something.

Not every person is meant to lead. We are not all created equal.  

These people would not be called the smartest in the world, no. That being said they were smarter than the average bear.  Everyone who denigrates them is  doing themselves a disservice.  Virtually every one of them was perfectly capable of compartmentalizing and carrying more than one plan at a time in their minds.

This does not make them crazy, or even socialpaths. It is just different. Some of our current leaders really have made mistakes. They are refusing to acknowledge this.  Partly because of arrogance. Partly because of greed.  Partly because they are plum pudding actors.  Figure heads placed in front of us by those who have owned humanity long before it was not cool to do so.

It is my contention that there are some who have a different view, some who have tried to give the world an out. I do not know for sure what is coming for any of us, however, tomorrow will come.  With that is bills, headaches, fears and hope.  Trials and scandal will be coming.  After that will be the next tomorrow. WE can never forget what they did to us, WE can forgive.

I was going to do a reading on this, but it is become too apparent so I write my thoughts instead.


Have you read the stories of human sacrifices? Ancient priests calling death and destruction upon the poor people under their influence? When the sun or moon went into occultation and there was a giant bird that must be appeased or a a demigod was hiding the moon in displeasure, the priests who full well knew the actual natural cycles and could predict the times and prepare the ceremonies on time, these priests secured their power over the populace though fear.  

The average person millennia ago where just as ignorant as the average citizen of today.  Only rather than convince us that  a dragon is eating the sun, they tell us that CO2 is going to end us.  Less ppm than during roman times, must be those legionnaires and their bronze age SUVs.

We are still ignorant peasants being run by a selfish cult, only now we line up for shots that do not prevent you from getting sick, nor prevent you from spreading a disease that is less harmful than the seasonal flu. As well pay higher taxes to combat natural cycles, pretending that sea levels are rising , and we should ignore the priests ALL buying ocean front property, and flying on private jets.

Elon Musk and his twitter deal

Previously Elon Musk had attracted my attention with his Twitter dealings.

If he had not of taken it private I would currently be trying my best to aquire stock in Twitter.

With a complete change of ownership and management he has essentially whitewashed twitter as a business entity.

With the ruling against Alex Jones into the BILLIONS of dollars for essentially hurting feelings through misinformation, willful or otherwise this has opened up every single media and social media corporation to lawsuits.  After all truth was not suppressed by itself. Vaxxine deaths and injuries were not covered up by nothing.  Pushed as safe and effective, and tested by who?

The only media corporation that cannot be tainted is the new Twitter.  Even Trump’s social media group is guilty in my opinion.This is going to be very interesting in the future. I do not thing that he is a white knight, he is a shrewd business man and excellent promoter.  As it stood with twitter previously silencing over half it’s potential users and angering them for fun it was never a good business model.  The idea of notifications stimulating users only works if the users are not shadow banned.  Do you think casinos would stay in business if the slot machines made zero noise and all you did was drop quarters and pull a handle without the flashy lights or spinning wheels.  No they would not. Your guests would very quickly take their money elsewhere.  You would make more money from a koi pond. At least then you have a splash and make a wish.  This is another reason most social media is a dead investment, user drift.  You cannot hold the attention of those you reject.

Not to mention how fake the users are.  Everyone is athletic, using snap filters and virtue signalling about things they will never lift a physical finger or donate a bent penny to help. How much was the META re-evaluation?

Twitter is a swamp, but people like the swamp. It is too bad we cannot get shares anymore.


I will admit I invested in crypto currency.  Unfortunately I was one of the ones burned by the Cryptopia bankruptcy.

I see the news and read the fears.  FUD

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

Do you not see the take away?

Large investment houses have put billions into crypto-currencies.

Banks, hedge funds, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds as well as their political lackys, have major investments. All the while they have been telling you the people to not buy them.  They have spread and continue to spread FUD.

I will do a 3 card reading for the crypto markets in general,  I have had two dreams and 1 waking vision on cryptos.  I am invested.

1st card, Strength inverted, Pettiness impotence abuse of power

2nd card,  6 batons,  a harbinger of good news victory has arrived and brought rewards for achievement with it

3rd card, 9 cups, the fulfillment of dreams an auspicious card for material success and good health

Obviously the Strength card indicates where we are right now in the crypto markets.   Corruption and abuse that comes with quick found wealth and power is making all the headlines. And being that it is the Strength card this is the only news that is making center stage right now. Not the stability of other coins, or the honesty of other exchanges.  If it bleeds it leads.  The 6 of Batons followed by the 9 of Cups is very good news for the crypto markets. Whatever this is, will  be short lived. And those of use who carried through and held our tokens and coins rather than sell in a panic like people do with regular debt instruments or stocks, we will be more than fine on the other side.

Ok, I admit I was worried just a tad while I shuffled. this is a good reading.

Thank you and have a great day.


A little while ago I was challenged to look at the Riemann Hypothesis.

This is an old equation to mathematically interpret Prime Numbers and their relation to the Universe and Planned Creation.  There should be results about the distribution of prime numbers.

When I looked into it my answer was, NO, but Yes, but mostly NO.

This is not because of some complex formula, it is because Primes are natural limits to growth.

Therefor  there is a limit to numerical expression as well.  The less complex and solid the structure the lower the natural limits.

For eg, waves on water,  the underlying natural structure and forces limit wave complexity and numbers in the pattern before disharmony takes over the base structure.

OR for the ever expressed snail shell as people love to interpret has much more complexity and rigidity in comparison and therefor can reach higher levels than the water.

Our own natural Periodic Table of Elements show that on the natural level one can only go so far in a stable world. Sure we have Einsteinium and Nobelium but these are not only man-made but unstable.  They may as well not exist but only serve the purpose of being a scientific curiosity. There are natural limits in that minus outside extreme circumstances not available to nature.

Entropy causes irregularities and breakdown of complex systems, these are natural growth limits built into the natural order.  While early sequences of primes have natural observable patterns, higher sequences become random. This is the natural proof of order, in that limits prove vs unlimited growth of chaos.

The short duration long form standing wave form  shows maximum much like near the peak of the narrow band bell curve there are both destructive and creative energies at force at the same time the peak of stability is reached then matches a progressive decline. As the Riemann Hypothesis uses the negative to prove the the curve graphically on paper it falsely supposes linear numbers. Unfortunately there are more graphical numbers that are not prime because it represents going beyond the high limit of numerical stability in the natural.

At the upper limits they don’t just stabilize they become different ie a one could mean 3 or 10 000, which is why it falls apart. You need to factor in entropy to values, both decreasing positive and negative. 1 is always 1 in the singular however when expressing 13, it is not 13 but 13 1’s with degradation.

Linear thought bias have polluted the search for an answer.

Rather than trying to solve  the equation from working backwards from the conclusion and formulating the answer to whatever bias for or against, I have concluded that it is a bad equation therefore the answer is simply NO.

Is humanity waking up

Seeing the news, hearing the thoughts, I wonder about what is really happening?

When I was talking about dimensional skip for being the answer on power sources for unique vehicles, It has nothing to do with some kind of television show with dimensional slippage. I was referencing the phenomenon of skip like a radio wave. Just FYI.

What’s NEW?

I am considering the idea of doing Corporate readings.   These are very difficult. You have many facets, influences and personalities driving events. Not to mention so many decisions are event driven and not date related.  Or as in some cases stalled for no other reason than a certain person unrelated forgot his sprinkled jelly doughnut one morning and refused a permit. Changing personnel, weather and even now space weather affect things. In short it is just like trying to push around a herd of cats with cooked spaghetti noodles.

Therein lies madness to be sure.  

I have been finding that project specific projections are working out.  General readings are fine.  One interesting working idea was employee evaluations. Does your employee have your best interests at heart? Loyal? Can they do better?   Also new hire screenings. I am still thinking about this.

Naturally Corporate readings would be NDA and specific. I am thinking of a base rate of 250 dollars equivalent and then up from there based upon complexity, involvement, and time sensitivity.

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