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So I saw several graphs published online today that claimed to represent birth rates overseas.

There were multiple reports from multiple countries claiming that birth rates have fallen drastically in the 1st quarter of 2022. These birth rate drops coincide with a 9 month gestational lag from the general population rollout of their covid 19 vaccinations.

This disturbs me greatly.

So I asked the cards for a reading.

Here is what they said to me.

Using my Golden Tarot,

1st card, King of Coins inverted, a risk taker who desires money but is unwilling to work for it.

2nd card, The Emperor inverted, a warning not to trust someone who wields power over you petty lack of control failure due to lack of focus

3rd card, 9 swords inverted, shame scandal gossip

I understand this to read that the vaccines were created by people who were only viewing the opportunity for profit. More than likely fast tracking and failing to do due diligent oversight as the fast buck was the only criteria for approval. Laziness and greed make a bad combination. The powers that have control over us used barely legal practices and broad powers to trick the population to take this vaccine, both with the motive of profit and power of control over others. As for the petty, think of how the Canadian government opened travel for unvaccinated but not for the Working Truckers that they deliberately put out of business or out of the job.

This will end in shame and scandal for ALL levels involved. Those who created the vaccine. Those who pushed the vaccine. Those who covered up the damages it caused and will continue to cause. These falling birth rates are a simple undeniable symptom of more than what we know, FOR NOW.

Just my reading, my speculations.

Is humanity waking up

Seeing the news, hearing the thoughts, I wonder about what is really happening?

When I was talking about dimensional skip for being the answer on power sources for unique vehicles, It has nothing to do with some kind of television show with dimensional slippage. I was referencing the phenomenon of skip like a radio wave. Just FYI.

What’s NEW?

I am considering the idea of doing Corporate readings. These are very difficult. You have many facets, influences and personalities driving events. Not to mention so many decisions are event driven and not date related. Or as in some cases stalled for no other reason than a certain person unrelated forgot his sprinkled jelly doughnut one morning and refused a permit. Changing personnel, weather and even now space weather affect things. In short it is just like trying to push around a herd of cats with cooked spaghetti noodles.

Therein lies madness to be sure.

I have been finding that project specific projections are working out. General readings are fine. One interesting working idea was employee evaluations. Does your employee have your best interests at heart? Loyal? Can they do better? Also new hire screenings. I am still thinking about this.

Naturally Corporate readings would be NDA and specific. I am thinking of a base rate of 250 dollars equivalent and then up from there based upon complexity, involvement, and time sensitivity.

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