My Yukon Trip

A couple of months ago I had a work trip that was offered to me.  I first thought that it was because I have made several runs to Whitehorse in the past and knew the way. Ego aside, it was because nobody else wanted to go.  I took part of an important load that was going to a closed zinc mine.  There is a group of workers that stay in camp for weeks at a time, their job is to reclaim and detoxify the wastewater runoff ponds.  A very admirable job.

It took me roughly 3 days to drive there from Southern Saskatchewan. These are some of my pictures from the trip.

Empty Vista

On the drive  North while still in British Columbia you start to understand just how wide open and empty of human hand it really is.  With little to no cell coverage one asks, What am I getting into?

Break Check

Stopping at the big truck break check just past Fort Nelson British Columbia.  Only small settlements after this.

A Different World

I do not recall exactly the mile marker, it was so crazy beautiful that I had to stop.

Wood Bison

These animals range up and down the Alaska Highway. They  appear to be large and gentle, however their power is unmistakable.  You have to be careful of them both in the day and the night.  They weigh more than most economy cars, and the damage from hitting one will not buff out with a little wax.  You will probably just make it mad.

Sign Forest

In Watson Lake, Yukon there is an attraction called                 The Sign Forest.

It is world famous, in that people from around the world bring signs to display,   I saw many from all parts of Canada, The United States, South America, China, Japan, All nations of Europe, including a German municipal sign.  These are liberated from their native lands and placed as a pilgrimage Others are home made and brought with the clear intention of being gifted. While still others are license plates or mementos such as a gold pan marked and placed onto a pole.

GLP Much?

If you get the joke, you get it. If not, don’t worry about it.         WHICH OF YOU WERE HERE!  Haha.

High Mountain Road

Where I went was a three hour drive north of the 1st large settlement in the Yukon.  After that drive I had a 25 kilometre single lane road over a mountain into a bush camp. I had to chain up my drive tires and use a 2 way FM band radio to call in my progress.  This was to make sure the camp knew I was still coming and not stuck, as well as to alert anyone oncoming so that one of us can take a pullout and wait for the other to pass. Marker 15 heavy out. Surprise!

Optimistically Named HWY 4

While there was some  surface slump and gradual wasting washouts and slides for the 1st two hours North, the last hour was not much better than some seasonal grid roads back home.  I worried about meeting another vehicle.  That was unfounded. On the way North in 3 hours of driving I met only 3  other vehicles.  On the way back it must have been an important rush because I met 11.

Take My Breath Away

This is another photo I just had to stop and save for my personal memory.  There was no one behind me for miles and I did not stop long.

Mountain Goat

This little guy was sitting in the middle of the south bound lane. He run across and up  30 feet of rock before I could figure out what he was. Had to stop and take a picture.

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