Is the rest of 2024  going to be a dumpster fire?

I really need to pay more attention to my website. Want to check 2024 ahead of time?

I am offering Online Tarot readings for those who want to know, will 2024 be better for them?

What are your love prospects? Advice or direction for better prospects at work?

What kind of personal growth will be your agenda? What is best to tackle that project or enterprise you have your eye on?

It is best to try to avoid yes and no questions, Ask one good question or just get a general reading.

I am open  for business in 2024,

I am giving readings to those who wish to have better guidance in their future.

For a donation of 45 dollar value equivalent in BTC, LTC, or Doge I am offering a 3 card clarity read and emailed report.

For a donation of 90 dollar value equivalent in BTC LTC, or Doge I am offering a full 10 card Celtic cross reading and emailed report.

Included in the email will be a photo of the spread as it is read.

Readings will be conducted in the order of cleared deposit.

My email is

What I will need from you will be an email with your 1st name or the one you answer to.

Your birth date, the country that you live in, your favourite colour and your favourite animal.

This is to get an energetic connection with you. I will also need a random number between 1 and 10.

If this is a gift reading please get the information from your giftee.

I will send you the deposit address of the crypto of your choice. When you email.

Tarot is for entertainment purposes only, not to be taken as financial or personal advice.

No guarantee on results and no refunds.

However you chose to look at the New Year ahead,

I hope that you have many happy blessings.

Thank you.

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I accept Bitcoin 35Z6Lu1NfTksidGioVk5gB48DyXxK7vGRy

or bc1qwyfkj6cmzw5rju2tqts4xzwm2v7w2j0gkt9p5

I also accept Litecoin, cause it’s awesome LXYU32BW7FWJaowywPzHnQHc1CQYbYBipb

I also accept  Dogecoin, DFQDzDJoFsyvoE2Jw4payz9x6nk6GVV8GE

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