2023 Predictions

So where do we go from here?  What is on everyone’s mind?  Better yet what isn’t?

1st  a general financial reading.

1st card, The Star, optimism faith indicates love faith work in balance,

2nd card, four of Coins, a conservative attitude towards money miserliness self worth measured by material wealth

3rd card,  Judgment, atonement accountability rejuvenation and healing

This is interesting in that while The Star would normally indicate a good beginning to the reading, however it actually fell onto the floor as I turned away to type.  This indicates not just reversal but rejection of all the good it represents. The second card shows a change in attitude that comes more from reaction to circumstances, caution and possibly fear of tomorrow.  Investments withdrawn and caution will be the word of the day.  Not so much as making money but preserving it.

This will not be a banner year for most people.  The Judgment card shows a ot of thing s coming to light that will affect monetary systems.  Corruption,  fraud, waste and abuse will be brought to light and punished.  This will be good in the end.  Rather than scheming to get out of the problems that they created, like usual, the problem makers will have to pay the piper for once.  This will be necessary for the population to once again trust a system.  Not necessarily the one we currently  use.

I  will quickly read for the the TSX.

1st card, 7 Batons, success implies beating the odds

2nd card, 10 Coins inverted, risky venture bad  odds

3rd card, The Devil inverted, release from ties that bind divorce overcoming obstacles

Before one gets  too excited the 7 Batons is euphemistically in the PAST  position.  Also in  relation to the other cards I would not call it a good card, more  of an overreach.  ( not financial advice) I would say overvalued and over bought. The 10 coins  compounds this impression that I get.  Also in partnership with The Devil card I would say that there is technical malfeasance and insider work that is manipulating the values. This will come out this year and while it will hurt very much so, it will be for the good of all investors eventually.  The stock market actually does serve a purpose.  Not the get rich  quick through manipulating trades and dumping of sour investments onto unsuspecting and trusting individuals, but the actual funding of business and protection of capitol.  Maybe we will relearn this fully this year.



Will Russia commit a First Strike against NATO? yeah, lets go there right away..

1st card, 2 Coins, juggling obligations overwhelmed by too many choices lack of focus

2nd card, 7 Cups inverted, smart choices a goal nearly realized

3rd card,  7 Coins inverted, financial loss anxiety instability

Short answer, no.

I know lots of people will tune out right here because I am not calling for horrible nuclear doom.  This is a powerful reading.  While it does not carry any of the Major Arcana, it is both bracketed by Coins and has two 7s.  It is pay attention time. War talk will eventually wither on the vine.  They cannot be made to fight.  This is not an existential  threat for real for Russia, all the posturing  is just that, posturing.   Soon enough the biggest concern in Russia will be be who can afford bread and potatoes, not whether or not the Americans are pushing the Germans to do more foolish actions.  Everyone keeps saying ,When all else fails they take us to war.

The world doesn’t want war. The American people didn’t even have the stomach to be upset at the shameful withdrawel from Afghanistan  and the embarrassing  re arming of the Taliban at the American taxpayers expense.  They will not stand for real casualties.  The Russian people are the same.  Most people around the world are either broke or going broke.  Everyone has costs that have risen, and with the vax side effects coming into their own now, people don’t care enough or have the will power to fight a real fight.  The world is getting a lot smaller, and so will the wars.

As an addendum I have been wondering about the world economy grinding itself to pieces ever so slowly.  What I have come to realize is that rather than grinding away, it is crumbling.  Large chunks of our normal economy are falling to the wayside.  Inflation and it’s ugly cousin shortages are here.

What else?  

So, I know a lot of people have been cheering on the indictment of Alec Baldwin. I personally find his antics and politics juvenile and poorly thought out and his opinions unnecessarily crude.  However the question is whether or not he will actually go to jail in his wrongful death case.   My personal opinion is that he does not deserve jail, and it would be nice if people would stop gleefully reporting on the fact that he personally failed to follow proper firearms safety.  He was stupid, we get it. I am going to do a quick reading for him, for free.

1st card, The Sun inverted, loneliness clouded future unhappy relationships

2nd card, The Queen of Coins, distrust lack of self worth

3rd card,  2 of Batons inverted, sorrow adversity unseen defeat

Let me say, this reading makes me a little mad.   I have done readings on this situation before and they come up that he really did not realize he was doing anything wrong. There was no malice in his actions.  I actually thought that justice would be real. Now with this reading i would say, as with my first impressions that this is political.  That  is why it took so long to indict him, that is why there is so much nonsense.  The guy lives in a  unhappy limbo, and probably right now almost wants to go to jail just to get it over with. There is a chance he might not go to jail, and this is what hope he will cling to, but , the bolt out of the blue will happen and someone will set him as an example.  Sorry Alec.

Ok, happier news.

Will the United States instigate WW3?

1st card, 8 Swords, temporary isolation imprisonment confinement due to illness depression lethargy

2nd card, 5 Batons, competition struggle a need to stand up for oneself growth potential through obstacles

3rd card, 4 Swords, rejuvenation recovery from prior adversity signals it’s time to slow down meditate temporary isolation reprieve

I pulled a clarifier card, Queen of Batons, outgoing loving compassionate graceful charming non judgemental of others

Maybe we get out of this without the nukes flying. Maybe when everyone stands up to fight they take and accurate self assessment and realize that this does not  have to be.   These actions that are taking center stage on the world are because of neurosis that developed over the past several years.  The realization of how close we are to the brink should make all sides take a step back and follow the advice in the red words of My Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ,  “Before you remove the mote from thine neighbours eye, remove the beam from thine own.”

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